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Send a parcel to Riga

Riga is a city sprawling with culture and history. Ever since the 13th century it has been home to merchants of Latvian, German, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian nationalities. An almost ideal geographic location of Riga allowed it to prosper as a powerful port during the roughest times. Stability and growth would be the two words best describing the Latvian capital. Many economic experts say that Riga is on the rise and with a very successful educational system, future economics look bright. If you have relatives or business partners in Riga - Parcelabc is your number one option to send parcels from the UK to Riga for cheap!

Parcelabc offers a range of cheap and quick options to ship your parcel from the UK to the heart of Latvia. Fill in a quote on our website with the sender’s and recipient’s location, the size and weight of the parcel to get accurate estimations on how much it is going to cost for the parcel to get from the United Kingdom to one of the three Baltic Sister’s capital.

Make sure that your packaging is in great condition, the handwriting or print is clear and easy to read, and there are no errors and mistakes on the origin and destination labels. If you have the ability, add Cyrillic and Latvian to your labels, it shows Latvians and ethnic Russians of Latvia (who comprise around a fourth of the population) a mutual sign of respect which they will surely appreciate. Most middle-aged Riga’s citizens are bi if not trilingual. A lot of Latvians understand Latvian, Russian and English very well.

Many courier companies will offer their international door to door shipping services to get your package to Riga from the UK, but by using Parcelabc you instantly have the advantage to choose what fits best for you.

If your package needs to reach Latvia’s capital fast, choose Express postage to Riga. It is a slightly more expensive service, but the parcels reach their destination more swiftly and safely.

With the help of Parcelabc’s quote system, sending something to the capital of Latvia from the UK or making any International postage errand is easier than ever before. The quote helps you: compare the costs between various services, evaluate the average timespan until the parcel is delivered and other important factors that come into play when choosing the courier company. By combining these factors into UK to Latvia postage we are able to offer you cheap, but world-class service of sending documents, personal belongings and other items from the UK to Riga without any worries.

Our quote provides all of the necessary and crucial information about the shipping to Riga costs, prices of various courier services and much more information. You can easily compare the offered services and know that you select the absolute best deals. Check the options and decide what way to send to Riga is best for you. If you do not know or cannot find the difference – never hesitate to contact us and we will help you decide!

Parcelabc’s job is to help you find the best postage deal to Riga, Latvia and remove any stress related with postage from your shoulders. Remember to fill in the quote as it can offer very informative data on shipment so read it thoroughly. Do not forget that Parcelabc is always there to answer questions, provide information and help out in any way possible so that your parcel would successfully reach Riga.

Before sending a shipment to Riga, read our pages on couriers to Latvia and shipping from the UK to Latvia in order to get the most useful and reliable information from Parcelabc.